Revenue Operations

Unifying Marketing, Sales, and Service for Unprecedented Growth

RevOps as a Service

In today's competitive business landscape, seamless team collaboration is crucial. Revenue Operations (RevOps) consolidates your marketing, sales, and service departments into a unified operational strategy aimed at propelling your business forward.

The result?

Improved efficiency, better alignment and increased revenue.

Revenue Operations

Real-World Impact of Revenue Operations

  • 20 %

    Reported increase in Sales productivity after investing in RevOps.

  • 36 %

    more revenue growth when properly aligning your Marketing, Sales and Service teams

  • 28 %

    more profitability after implementing a sound data-driven RevOps process

The Competitive Advantage of Revenue Operations

Implementing a RevOps approach is transformative. It aligns every team toward common revenue goals, enabling swift decision-making and maximizing efficiency. The advantages are compelling: enhanced revenue streams, more agile operations, and a business model fine-tuned for success.

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Our Proven Strategy for Revenue Operations Success

  • Workflow Assessments

    We start by understanding your existing workflows, identifying areas ripe for improvement.

  • Strategic Alignment

    We tailor a cohesive strategy that unifies your diverse teams under one overarching objective.

  • Advanced Tool Integration

    Employing top-notch tools like HubSpot, we ensure your teams function in harmony.

  • Ongoing Training & Skill Development

    RevOps is dynamic. Regular updates and training keep your teams ahead of the curve.

  • Data-Driven Refinement

    Analytics guide our strategy adjustments, aligning them with your ever-changing business needs.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology in Revenue Operations

Advanced technology, like HubSpot, is the engine driving effective RevOps. We blend this technology seamlessly into your operations, automating tasks and generating actionable insights. It's not just about utilizing the right tools; it's about mastering them for RevOps excellence.

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  • "Working with the team at Elefante has helped us improve our overall HubSpot experience, unlocking features to help our team have the best chance of success when dealing with clients. Working towards continuous improvement, better KPI tracking, and allowing our team to give our clients a better overall experience."

    Jon Etkin

    Vice President, autologiQ

  • "Elefante has been so great to work with. Colten and his team are personable, great communicators and extremely diligent. They have helped our startup with not only execution but high level strategy and turned into a very valuable asset to our team. Can't speak highly enough about our experience. Would give 10 stars if I could."

    Chas Gessner

    CEO, Vitality Rx

  • "The team at elefante was incredible partners for us as we needed to optimize our HS in a very short period of time. They are extremely knowledgeable in all things HS and suggested ways for us to have an even stronger process where possible. They are accessible, on time, and a true partner that I could lean on during a hectic time."

    Stephanie Proesel


  • "The Elefante team is organized, fast, and provides a level of expertise when it comes to all things HubSpot that we couldn't live without. I highly recommend the entire Elefante team!"

    Sarah Alvarez


  • "We worked with Elefante to migrate our CRM from Salesforce to HubSpot and they made this process seamless and painless! They detailed the project step by step and partnered with us on setting up the reporting and dashboards to match what we did in SF and provided detailed how to guides on how to make updates moving forward. Communication was excellent and tasks were completed efficiently."

    Amy Long



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