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The best HubSpot Onboarding Ever!

“Highly recommend!! We had onboarding with Garo - finnaly someone tell and show each and every step + created all needed automation for us to start working with HubSpot! Before this we had 2 other onboarding managers from HubSpot - so I can compare the value that we got. Thank you Garo and all your team for brilliant support and a proper multiple training! You are the best!!”


Services provided

CRM Migration, Knowledge Base Development, Programmable Automation, and HubSpot Onboarding

Shakula, T. | Shipping
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Saved us!; Smart; Conscientious; Creative;

“team Elefante differs by being highly intelligent, on the ball/conscientious, responsive, and PROACTIVE in thinking of solutions and what you need; others I worked with were too much "what do you want?"...when I don't know what I want because I know nothing about HubSpot and marketing; I want to know what I need, and I need you to make it happen. That is team Elefante. Problem solvers. Creative. Dependable. I fired my original onboarding team and picked them instead. ”

Services provided

Content Creation, CRM Implementation, Custom API Integrations, Customer Marketing, Customer Success Training, Full Inbound Marketing Services, Programmable Automation, and Account based marketing

Haque, O. | Medical & Wellness
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Absolutely Amazing

“Garo is truly amazing! His response time and how he helps us execute our vision is truly amazing!!!! I absolutely love them! ”

Services provided

Community Management, CRM Implementation, Customer Success Training, Sales Coaching and Training, and Website Development

Poole, A. | Technology - Software
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Love working with Elefante!

“Garo and the Elefante team have been very helpful with all of our request to get HubSpot setup within a new section of the business. Very thankful to work with them each day. ”

Services provided

Sales Enablement and HubSpot Onboarding

James, S. | Technology - Software
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Garo and his team are amazing!

“I am thankful our company found Elefante. They've been incredible and have fast-tracked our efforts getting our HubSpot account setup and migrating all contacts. Will be using them for a long time. ”

Services provided

CRM Implementation, CRM Migration, Email Marketing, and Account based marketing

Giffin, D. | Nonprofit
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Elefante saved the day!

“I can't say enough about Colten, Garo, and the entire Elefante team. We lost our HubSpot consultant and had to find a consultancy firm that could pick up where they left off so we were sure not to lose any momentum. Elefante team was up for the task and then some! They jumped right in and made the transition seamless. What I like most about working with them is their communication. They have a streamlined process for handling tasks and projects and kept us informed on the status the entire time. BONUS: they work super fast! ”

Services provided

CRM Implementation, CRM Migration, Customer Marketing, and Programmable Automation

Alvarez, S. | Medical & Wellness
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Harness the Power of the HubSpot CRM Platform

Enhanced Data Visibility

Moving to HubSpot CRM ensures all data is transferred accurately and safely from the customer's existing data platform. It includes integration, if any, required to provide continuity and data synchronicity. It fulfills businesses' unique needs by mapping information to properties like custom properties.

Collaborative Experience

HubSpot CRM helps businesses to align their sales, marketing, and service teams on a single platform. It helps in better migration and integration as there is a single source of data truth that minimizes siloes and insufficiencies.

Better Decision-Making

With HubSpot CRM capabilities, you can gain meaningful insights, segment contact data, and personalize conversations. It also helps enhance the communication experience and improve decision-making.

Migrate to HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM Migration Pricing

Elefante RevOps help you with the streamlined and smooth HubSpot CRM migration process that your business needs to have! We ensure that everything gets done efficiently.

Number of Records
Custom Objects
Activities & Attachments
Custom Properties
Migration Specialist
Meeting Cadence







3 Months

Starts at

Starts at








3 Months

Starts at

Starts at

< 500,000







3 Months

Starts at

Starts at

Scale +
> 500,000







3 Months

Starts at

Starts at

Migrate Seamlessly to HubSpot CRM With Elefante RevOps

We specialize in offering hassle-free and secure, smooth and effective, swift and accurate data transfer to HubSpot CRM based on businesses' requirements.

Whether you are thinking of adopting the HubSpot CRM for the first time or want to migrate from an existing CRM platform to HubSpot CRM, we will help you with both. As a HubSpot-certified partner, we assist businesses to get the maximum benefits of the HubSpot CRM platform.

If you want to migrate your data to HubSpot CRM, our team of experts will help you automate, streamline workflows, and implement best practices. We will also assist you with the secure transfer of data during the migration of your existing data to HubSpot.

How We Work?

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    Discovery Call

    We connect, discuss, and explore your business and its market to understand the key challenges, opportunities, and real-world scenarios to prepare a blueprint for achieving desired business objectives.

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    Kickoff Call

    Introduction to HubSpot CRM software and discussion of tasks that need to be performed.

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    You submit a task

    When you request an unlimited number of tasks for our team to validate, we will quickly start with the tasks related to the HubSpot migration process.

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    You track it's progress

    Between the technical meetings, we implement the technical setup to progress toward achieving the desired outcomes.

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    Task Delivery

    In this step, we analyze the portal's progress and pass it on to the customer for further quality checks. Once we get the approvals, we deploy it.

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    Next Task

    Once the project is approved and deployed, we consistently provide our support to monitor and make necessary changes to ensure that it is flawless and delivers results seamlessly.

HubSpot CRM

Ready to Transform Your Business With HubSpot CRM?

Elefante RevOps is a HubSpot-certified partner that will guide you through the migration journey with advanced security and accurate data transfer.

Migrate to HubSpot CRM

Why Elefante RevOps?


  • Training


    Moving to another CRM platform offers endless opportunities. If you have yet to inherit it to its full potential, Elefante RevOps is your good-to-go team. Our team of experts can take you through a series of training sessions to ensure that you have a smooth migration.

  • Time


    Facing a time constraint? No issues! Our team of specialists will help you implement and execute within your portal to keep you moving forward!

  • 27_7

    24*7 Technical Support

    Lack of resources to build complex solutions? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. We will help you with all the technical support required to move your data to the HubSpot CRM platform quickly.

  • Cost


    We know cost matters for businesses. Get in touch with us to save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Talk to a HubSpot Admin Specialist

Need Personalized HubSpot Admin?

Book time to see how our accelerated HubSpot implementation plan and services can be personalized to your companies unique sales process across HubSpot CRM platform, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub.